Capturing Baby’s Special Moments

scrapbooking pregnancyAre you expecting a new arrival? Or has your home been blessed with a brand new bundle of joy? Holding onto each moment and cherishing it, is important. They are only small for a little while.
But what moments are important to remember? This terrific list was compiled to make some of the photo opportunities easy to remember.
Whether you’ve adopted or have had nine months of cravings and a sore back, this list will help you remember every moment of your special time with your baby.

scrapbooking pregnancy

Still expecting?

– Positive pregnancy test (photograph the results)
– Mom’s growing belly
– Filling out adoption paperwork
– Preparing the nursery
– The finished Nursery
– Shopping for baby stuff
– Baby Showers
– Special Gifts (especially handmade gifts)
– Ultrasound Pictures
– Electrocardiogram strips
– Congratulations cards
– Cravings (photograph or record these)
– Obstetrician visits
– Labor
– Your list of things to bring to the hospital (include a photograph if you can)

scrapbooking pregnancy

Is your baby already here?

– Newborn with mom
– Newborn with dad
– Baby’s Name Meaning (do a layout telling how and why you chose the name)
– On the Day You Were born (look up the headlines from the day your baby was born)
– Baby’s hand in parent’s hand
– Birth announcement
– First family picture
– Newspaper Clippings
– The position your baby sleeps in
– Special Toys
– Blanket
– Snuggling with family members
– Habits (sucking thumb, fingers, twirling hair or tugging on ears, Binky)
– Tiny toes, tiny fingers
– Handprints, Footprints
– Blowing kisses
– Waving Bye-Bye
– Naptime
– Potty training
– Mischievous moments
– Tantrums
– Bath time
– Smelling flowers
– Blowing Dandelions
– Wearing Sunglasses or a Ball cap
– Dress Up
– Walking in Mom or Dad’s Big Shoes
– Eating favorite snack (or first food)
– Playing Patty-cake or Peek-A-Boo
– Hugging or Kissing
– All Firsts (tooth, haircut, steps, holidays, bath, smile, laugh, etc)
– Pediatricians Visits
– Sitting Up
– Blessings or Baptism

scrapbooking pregnancyOf course there are many other moments to remember, and this is just a partial list. One thing I did with my own children during their first year, was to photograph them in the same place with the same toy every month. On the 13th of every month I posed my daughter on a chair with a big tan teddy bear. This is awesome to watch their growth. Now I take a photograph of my children in front of my car door on the first day of school every year. I love seeing how much taller they got and how they’ve changed. Enjoy those babies while you can, they grow up all too fast!