Capturing Character Traits

This is part four in a six part series about capturing the complete personalities and uniqueness of the individuals who adorn our scrapbook pages. This article focuses on capturing each individual’s unique character traits and the qualities that make them who they are.

Please keep in mind that not only does this work on your children, but also on you, your significant other and friends and family members.

We are all full of traits that make us who we are. Sometimes we actually can get a photograph of someone that captures a trait or two, but there are things that you simply cannot capture.

Maybe it is their spirit or their dreams. Maybe it is the constant determination they have. Maybe it goes beyond all that and is the qualities that make them unqiue as a whole person. Are they gentle, kind, love animals? Do they have a knack for being spunky, or always laughing?

Character traits are a huge part of what defines us as a person. They are the qualities that make up who we are. Are we honest, sneaky, mean, happy, shy, quiet, loving, caring? The list can go on and on, but it is important to capture what personality traits make up a whole person.

One of the things that I absolutely adore about my son, is how incredibly sensitive he is, and not just to situations, but to others feelings too. I once wrote a powerful essay designed to have the reader step inside and see how I felt about my childhood and my relationship with my father. My son read the paper and absolutely fell apart. It was definitely a defining moment in our relationship, but it also made me see how incredibly sensitive to others he is. Would anyone know that by looking at my scrapbook pages? Probably not.

If I create a scrapbook layout and spend some time journaling about his sensitivity and remembering events that help to define that trait, then others can see him as I see him.

Remember this when scrapbooking – character traits might just be one of the most important aspects to commemorate.

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