Capturing Quirky Habits and Mannerisms

This is the final article in a six part series about capturing the complete personalities and uniqueness of the individuals who adorn our scrapbook pages. This article focuses on capturing each individual’s quirky habits and their individual mannerisms that make up who they are.

Please keep in mind that not only does this work on your children, but also on you, your significant other and friends and family members.

We are all full of traits that make us who we are. Sometimes we actually can get a photograph of someone that captures a trait or two, but there are things that you simply cannot capture with a camera. Perhaps it is your child’s strange bedtime habits, or your daughter’s weird way of organizing something.

Maybe it your best friends nature of washing her hands a million times a day, or maybe it is your neighbors funny habit of wearing a mask around anyone that is sick. Whatever it is that the people in your life do, these things deserve a space in our scrapbook albums.

Look at each individual as a whole. Look at the quirky things that they do, maybe even the traits that make them annoying, or that make them endearing.

Focus on both good and bad habits. Does a family member always remember to turn off the lights in a room, but never remember to flush the toilet? These compare and contrasts of an individuals personality can be quite entertaining to peruse.

What about nail biters or hair twirlers or even thumb or finger suckers. What about those that have a certain way they sleep, or a certain thing they do every morning. Even a routine can be part of a habit or mannerism.

But think beyond even these items. Does someone you know always talk with their hands? Or use a certain word or phrase too often? What is it about these habits that make you smile? Or annoy you to no end? What about your own quirky habits and your own personal mannerisms? Even if you plan to change something, you should focus on the fact that you do it, and put it on a scrapbook layout.

Remember in closing this series, that these will be the layouts that tell the true story about the people in your life.

Nicole Humphrey writes articles for the Scrapbooking Blog and for the Frugal Blog. She also guest blogs on a variety of topics. You can read more of her articles by clicking here.

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