Capturing the First Signs of Spring

I once tried to capture a tree bud with a moderately-priced Canon point-and-shoot camera. What I saw in the viewfinder looked great, but after I hit the shutter button, the bud turned into a big blur and I was done trying to take close-up shots of flowers with anything less than a DSLR camera.

This, of course, doesn’t mean that you couldn’t snap a gorgeous photo of a spring daffodil or a budding rose; however, you will have to adjust some things to make up for a lack of camera power.

For starters, avoid using your flash as much as possible. It’s much better (regardless of what type of camera you are shooting with) to employ as much available natural light instead. Natural light will give your picture a softer feel compared to a flash shot.

Next, try to choose a flower that is situated in front of a neutral background. Doing so will make the blossom pop in the picture. Also, when shooting a bouquet of flowers, try to focus in on one or two blooms rather than the entire group.

If you are shooting outdoors because the lighting is better, try to shelter the flowers from the elements. For example, you don’t want the noon day sun beating down on a single rose. If you are going to shoot outdoors, then look for flowers that are growing as part of the natural landscape, such as a row of tulips or a rose bush. Also, if it is a particularly windy day, then put up a barricade so the blooms don’t move. Some movement is fine, but a severely wind blown blossom will yield a blurry photo.

Prior to shooting flowers you should carefully examine them from all angles. Take note of the different perspectives you can document by moving around. For example, you may want to try shooting the flower at an angle where the blue sky is your background, or from the side to hide a brown spot on a petal or leaf.

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