Capturing the Halloween Cute


For years I’ve tried to get my young daughter to dress-up as a hot dog, cupcake or hamburger for Halloween.

Unfortunately, she wants nothing to do with food-themed costumes, and I don’t have a dog, so I just make do. Still, I can’t help but think about all of the cute scrapbook layouts I could create if she were to give into my request for just one year. Scrapbooking supply companies have multiple lines of adorable stickers, stamps and die cuts that easily complement photos of kids or pets wearing food get-ups.

Of course, you can find a host of generic Halloween-themed elements to add to your page designs, in case your kid wants to dress-up as a ghost, ghoul or goblin. Ditto if you are looking to craft a page showing off photos of your costumed cat or dog. Just remember, if you are snapping pictures of your pet on Halloween, position yourself slightly to the left or right of him. This will help avoid the demonic look when the camera’s flash reflects off the tapetum lucidum in your pet’s eyes. In addition, it pays to get down to your pet’s level. Doing so will help make the picture more interesting by providing a unique perspective.

Once you’ve captured your candy-obsessed kids in all of their costumed glory, look for other Halloween-related items you can add to your layout. For example, if your daughter is dressing up as a witch, consider saving a few strands of green hair from her wig. You can use the tresses as a page border or adhere them randomly near photos of her trick-or-treating. Another option is to purchase inexpensive buttons in the shape of hard candies. Many craft stores, including Hobby Lobby, sell buttons in the shape of candy corn, mints and gumdrops. You can use them to design a photo frame on your layout or add them to a title page in place of various letters.

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