Capturing the Spirit of Thanksgiving


This is peak season for scrapbooking. Once Halloween hits and we roll into Thanksgiving and Christmas, avid scrappers shift into marathon mode. With so many special occasions at hand, it’s often hard to keep everything straight. There are photos to take, edit and file; embellishments to buy or make; and journaling to write and proof.

With Thanksgiving just a week away, now is the time to focus on the first step in creating a memorable scrapbook—-documenting. In order to fully capture the spirit of the holiday, it’s important to snap pictures that tell the story of your celebrations, and then tie them into the overall theme of your memory album.

For example, if you define the spirit of Thanksgiving as family and togetherness, then create a shot list of photos you want to take while your clan is together. You can then feature your favorite images on scrapbook pages that coincide with individual Turkey Day events, such as cooking the bird, setting the table, eating, visiting, watching football on TV, playing board games after dinner, etc.

Just remember that you can go broke buying the most expensive scrapbook embellishments on the market, but if your photos are poor, your layout is going to suffer. Pay attention to details when you are taking pictures for your Thanksgiving scrapbook. Rather than taking a straight shot of the carved turkey and the rest of the trimmings, add life to the shot. Stand and position yourself and your camera at the far end of the dining room table directly opposite the person carving the bird. Next, try to get as many of the dishes in the viewfinder, as well as the person slicing the turkey. You could also stand on a chair and shoot from a higher vantage point so you can get your entire clan in the shot. Another option is to take a picture during a toast, so you have all your family members holding up their glasses. Then, capture your loved ones talking or looking at the bird as it is being carved. The goal is to systematically capture moments as they unfold. By doing so, you will be able to craft a scrapbook that accurately recounts the special times that were shared with your loved ones.

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