Capturing Unique Talents and Abilities

This is part two in a six part series about capturing the complete personalities and uniqueness of the individuals who are in our scrapbooks. This article focuses on capturing the unique talents and gifts that each person possesses.

Please keep in mind that not only does this work on your children, but also on you, your significant other and friends and family members.

Everyone has talents that make them unique. For some it might be their ability to burp the alphabet, and for others it might be the gift of voice or music. One of the things that many people comment on, about my daughter, is that she has the gift to make people fall in love with her. She has a uniqueness about her, a wisdom that isn’t commonly found in a ten year old child and adults are drawn to her uniqueness. Another of my children has this amazing natural ability to entertain and pull people into her antics. She is silly, she is dramatic and she would be awesome on stage.

Would anyone know these things if I don’t journal them on a scrapbooking layout? Would they understand my son’s amazing ability to turn a pile of Lego’s into the most amazing creations I have ever laid eyes on? Would they know of my other daughter’s amazing gift of drawing or the other’s amazing gift of writing? Probably not. And then maybe someday they will each grow up and follow those talents into their careers and lives. But until then, it is something I should commemorate.

There are people with amazing talents all around us, and if we are taking the time to includes these people in our scrapbook layouts, we should also take the time to include this aspect of the individual on a scrapbook layout.

This is only the first step in commemorating the complete person, but it is an important part of capturing them just the same.

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