Car Rider Line

I have visited or worked at several different schools in various areas and counties. One common thing that I have noticed with most elementary schools is the length of the car rider line in the mornings and the afternoons.

The lines seem to be much longer later in the mornings and earlier in the afternoons. O f course common sense would tell us this. More parents are arriving with their children right as it is time for school to begin and picking them up as soon as school is over for the day.

It is amazing how early some parents will arrive at school in the afternoons just to be first in car rider line to pick up their children. Some parents will sit in the line for almost an hour before it is time for the children to come out and be loaded into the cars.
Some parents will bring books or work with them to past time while they sit and wait.

In addition to having a lot of waiting in line, there can also be a lot of frustration and escalation of tempers. Some parents get very upset because they are asked to wait in line or follow certain precautions that the school asks them to take.

For example, some parents try to pass others. It is also common for parents to try to pick up their children in a different location on the school grounds so they can avoid the wait in line. Some parents try to come in to the building and get their children instead of waiting in line. My school prohibits both of these practices.

While it is understandable that parents do not like the long wait in line, the rules and procedures are for the safety of the children and designed to be fair to all families of the school.

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