Carpet Cleaning Fiasco

This is a true story, one that brings home the point that children watch what we do and mimic what they see. One day I was cleaning my home, preparing to move to the home we currently live in. I was finishing up the vacuuming when I got a whiff of a really strong odor. I couldn’t imagine what it was.

I begin walking from room to room sniffing, trying to find the source of the odor. My oldest daughter was playing on the deck and I asked her if she had any ideas. Nope. I began looking for my younger daughter, who had been playing baby dolls in her room just a few moments earlier.

I heard a noise that I recognized as her toy vacuum cleaner, coming from another room. I peaked in to watch her, smiling over the fact that she was vacuuming just like Mommy. How cute, I thought, until I got closer and the odor got stronger.

I approached my daughter and noticed something in her hand. Before I had a chance to find out what it was, she began shaking it onto the carpet. Needless to say it wasn’t carpet refresher.

It was Parmesan cheese!

Now, Parmesan cheese is great on spaghetti, but it doesn’t do a thing for carpet! I vacuumed until I was wringing with sweat, but I still couldn’t get that smell out. I didn’t have any more carpet refresher. People were coming to look at the house in just a little while, and I didn’t have time to go to the store.

I grabbed some baby powder and some corn starch and started sprinkling it everywhere. I vacuumed some more. The house smelled fresh and my little girl was certainly relieved, although she still blushes when we tell this story.