Casual Activities for Your Family Reunion

So, you are planning a family reunion for some time this year. You may have some of the details already taken care of such as the date, location, guest list, and food. All of these things contribute to a wonderful reunion. Activities are also important to ensure that your event is both fun and memorable.

If the thought of planning activities for your family reunion has you rolling your eyes, do not worry. You do not have to schedule an activity for every age group for every minute of your event. In fact, sometimes less is more and activities that are made available in a more casual manner attract more participants. It is also much easier to set up stations where activities can take place and then leave your guests to enjoy them at their leisure than it is to get everyone to stop mingling already so that you can choose teams for the soccer game that was supposed to begin ten minutes ago.

When you plan activities for your reunion, enlist the help of some of your guests in obtaining supplies and carrying out the activities on reunion day. That way, you will be able to enjoy the reunion and all of the activities will go more smoothly. One fun activity is the t – shirt decorating station. This can be very easy to set up and gives guests a take – home memento of the event. The best thing to do is to mention on your invitations that there will be a t – shirt decorating station and encourage each guest to bring a plain t – shirt in the size that they like to wear. Furnish your t – shirt decorating station with fabric pens, paints, and even tie dye supplies if you are feeling brave as well as a clothesline and clothespins for hanging finished creations out to dry.

Another fun and casual thing to do is a genealogy scavenger hunt where each person who wants to participate receives a list of questions that they must answer before submitting their entry into a drawing for a prize. This game can really get people mixing and mingling as they try to find someone who was born between 1930 and 1945, someone who served in the Air Force, someone who went to a specific college, and so on. Guessing games with old photos are another favorite, as are games and contests for the young and young at heart like sack races, beanbag toss, and water balloon toss.

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