Cat Theme Birthday Party

If you are planning a birthday party for a kid who loves pets, how about a cat theme party? Consider buying stuffed cats for favors for the kids to take home, and plan some of the activities around the stuffed animals, such as making crafts for them, like collars. Here are two games and a cake idea to get you started.

If you want more ideas, click here for a link to a page on my web site that has free party plans for a complete, 90-minute cat-theme party.

Cake: Cat Cake

1. Bake two round cakes from a mix according to the package instructions. Let cool completely. Cut two triangles for ears and two circles for jowls out of one of the rounds. Set the whole round on a large plate or tray.

2. Frost the whole round with plenty of white icing. Stick on the jowls and the ears and frost, also with plenty of icing.

3. To make the cat look fluffy, press a butter knife into the icing and pull it straight up quickly. Do this all over the cake. Add licorice whiskers and ears, jelly apple ring eyes and a jelly bean nose, mouth and eyeballs.

Game: Catwalk

Put down a piece of bubble wrap and have each kid take turns walking across it on all fours. The trick is to walk the entire length of the bubble wrap without popping any bubbles!

Game: Cat and Mouse

Use one balloon for the mouse, and one of a different color for the cat. Sit in a circle. Start passing the mouse around the circle. when it is halfway around, start passing the cat around in the same direction. The goal is for the cat to catch the mouse. The trick is that the person holding the mouse when it is tagged is out. Also, if someone drops the mouse, he or she is out.