Caught off Guard: Winter Weather Tips

Have you ever been caught off guard by winter weather? If you live in a climate that is generally mild, you not be prepared for a serious cold snap. You could find yourself without water due to frozen pipes, and even worse, you could end up having to replace broken pipes due to freezing.

Foam Pipe Wrap

Foam pipe wrap is just a simple foam tube, split down one side, with adhesive to hold the edges together once it’s placed on the pipe. It’s easy to use and inexpensive, and it might just save you from dealing with frozen pipes when the temperature drops. It’s available in different sizes, so if you are unsure of the diameter of the pipes in question, measure before heading off to the store for foam pipe wrap.

Other Options for Wrapping Pipes

If you can’t get out to the store, you can use old towels or rags, or even newspaper to wrap pipes temporarily. Wrapping pipes should help keep them insulated enough to avoid freezing during a short cold snap.

Leave the Water Dripping

It may seem like a waste, but leaving a few faucets on at a steady drip may well save you a great deal of time, effort, money –and even water- in the long run, if it helps you avoid pipe breakage. If you find that the weather suddenly turns extremely cold and you don’t have a chance to prepare, leave the water on. It is especially important during the coldest hours, often overnight, but also at times during the day if the temperature remains below freezing for any length of time. This is meant as a temporary solution until you can address the problem in a more efficient manner.

Keep Some Water on Hand

It’s always good to keep some bottled water on hand for various emergencies, even if you don’t normally buy bottled water. Keeping a few gallons on hand can really be a lifesaver.

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