CD Review: Stop Smoking and Breathe

Yoga offers a natural way to help you quit smoking and has been shown to be effective for breaking the addiction to nicotine. The asana, breathing and stress relief benefits help to calm the mind and body, as the nicotine leaves the system and yoga and meditation can help you quit for good. If you want to use your yoga practice to help quit smoking, there are books, audio books and CDs that are designed specifically to help people quit smoking.

There are several programs on the market that can help you use yoga breathing and meditation to break the habit. Stop Smoking and Breathe is an audio CD program and guide book that is designed to help smokers leave cigarettes behind for good. The program uses verbal instruction for breathing and soothing music in the background.

Stop Smoking and Breathe helps you quit smoking using a variety of techniques and methods. The breathing techniques provide the soothing, calming and emotional balance to relax the body mind and spirit, as well as motivating you to maintain your resolve to kick the habit. In addition, yogic breathing helps to rid the toxins from your body, improve lung capacity and provide a sense of health and well-being that helps you quit for good.

There are actually four different sessions on this CD for people to use at different times in their efforts to quit smoking. There is a 15 minute morning session with cleansing breaths to help you start the day off right, a 15 minute session that can be used at any time of the day when cravings get overwhelming, and a 20 minute relaxation breathing session for use at night. The fourth session is a bonus five minute yogic breathing technique that can be used to combat cravings.

This program was designed by a yoga expert, Sue Fuller, based on more than two decades teaching and studying yoga. A guide book is included with the CD that includes additional information about the programs and other tips to help you find and hold on to your determination to quit smoking. Whether you are new to yoga, have never practiced, or are an advanced student, this program can help you stay focused and become smoke free.

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