Celebrate Jesus Day (A.K.A. Easter)

Easter is coming up and once again my husband and I find our selves wondering how we can make this a special and memorable day for our children. This holiday, tainted though it’s been by commercialism, goddesses and egg laying bunnies, is a real opportunity to teach our kids about Jesus’ sacrifice. The challenge for us has been coming up with unique ways to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus.

A couple of thoughts occur to me. First, what my family celebrates is quite different than the holiday, Easter. I’ve heard some Christians call it Resurrection Day. I guess it’s a good description of what we are celebrating, but it sounds a bit trite to me. I’m looking for something fresh and celebratory. How about, “Worship the King Day” or “Jesus, Savior of the world Day”. Something along those lines. Something that says “Let’s celebrate Jesus!” How about, “Celebrate Jesus Day”? Any other ideas? What do you all think?

My other thought is that I desire to have some established traditions for this yet unnamed holiday. I think this holiday should be bigger than Christmas and the Fourth of July combined. How can I make it so? I’m envisioning a great feast and a triumphant parade with banners and joyful worship music. Does anyone out there have any special traditions that reflect such a celebration? Will you share your traditions with me?

In past years we have kind of made things up as we went along. One year my husband danced around the living room with a banner that said, “He is risen!” That tradition hasn’t really stuck. Another year we went on a nature walk and looked at wild flowers. That was nice, but not quite as exciting as what I am hoping for. We have done the Resurrection cookies. They are a neat tradition which I plan to continue. But, I’m looking for more. I want my kids to look forward to this day with anticipation. I want their kids to follow in the traditions we establish now. Above all, I want to use this time to really teach my kids about Jesus and the sacrifice He made for us.

This year, I am committed to putting some real thought into this holiday. I am going to blog my thoughts and ideas. I hope that you will respond and that maybe together we can come up with some new traditions.

Let’s celebrate Jesus together!