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Woot! Yesterday, I told you to make Monday – My Day and I did just that – after getting my morning work done and taking in a couple of meetings – I retreated from a day at the computer to spending the day with my daughter. We played – both inside and out – we also took a long nap in the late afternoon while watching a Tom and Jerry movie. It was both relaxing and completely rejuvenating.

Happy Fourth of July

A Tuesday holiday is always a bit weird because it breaks the week up and we go from diving into the week on Monday to taking a break on Tuesday and starting Wednesday off a little slow. Plenty of places celebrated the 4th of July over the weekend, but many others will be hosting their 4th of July celebrations this evening.

So with that in mind – how can we celebrate our fitness?

Take time to go and work out today. Whether it’s a walk to the park with the kids, a walk around the greens at the golf course or taking the kids out for a rousing game of bowling, basketball, family football or more – get out and get active. Celebrate your freedom by being active and free.

Planning to take in the Fireworks?

Lots of locations are having their fireworks in park locations or near town centers. Go out a little earlier before setting up your picnic and take a long walk. You can take your little ones in strollers or bring along your bicycles or roller skates for older kids. Both are a great way to get on your feet and celebrate your activity.

Pack a healthy meal and snacks such as sandwiches, carrot sticks and more – that way you can enjoy a nutritious meal along with your fireworks, family time and fitness. What better way to celebrate our nation than by celebrating our fitness and family at the same time?

How can you celebrate your fitness today?

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