Celebrating National Scrapbooking Day Part Two

Hosting an NSD Event

National Scrapbook Day is always celebrated the first Saturday of May. The primary focus of NSD is about reminding each other about the importance of scrapbooking and encouraging others to participate in this rewarding hobby.

Be sure and celebrate by setting aside plenty of time to scrap. And if you are inclined to organize your own event, there are some fun things you can incorporate into your NSD Event. Here are three great ideas to get you started:

Host an Under One Roof crop by hosting a crop in your home or community center. The theme revolves around having consultants from several different home-business scrapbooking companies come and share their great products. Each consultant can host a project or technique to try using their products. You can ask consultants to have raffles, contests, door prizes and/or goodie bags from their respective companies. You can serve snacks or a light lunch and play games at the end.

Host a Favorite Recipes event by organizing a crop in the kitchen. Be sure to allow space in the dining room for the actual scrapbooking. Either have your guests bring their favorite dish, or you can make the event an all day thing and allow each guest to create in the kitchen. Have each guest bring along some favorite recipe cards and copy enough for each attendant. Between trying the different foods and snacks, and scrapbooking, the event should be fun and creative. Swap the recipe cards with each other and create a favorite recipe‚Äôs album using all of the cards or just the one’s that person really enjoyed! Snacks and lunch don’t even need to be provided because of all the goodies being made.

Commemorate your love of the hobby by hosting an “I Love Scrapbooking!” event. The whole theme should revolve around scrapbooking and all our many supplies, etc. Create decorations, recipes and games revolving around the scrapbook theme. For food you can create Cropping Cupcakes, Punch, Scrapbookers Snack Mix and more creatively named items. Use your tools to make the decorations. For example use your decorative scissors or punches and more. Be sure and take a group photo with everyone smiling and acting a little goofy! Surround everyone with paper trimmers, adhesive, and lots of other scrap stuff everywhere and be sure you can see it in the photos. Print the photos and while you are waiting, create a fun scrapbook themed page design Make & Take about scrapbooking. Use anything and everything scrapbook related. Be sure and journal about what you love about scrapbooking. This will document the day, the hobby and the event!

No matter what you decide to do to celebrate National Scrapbooking Day, have fun and get creative!