Celebrity Updates: “Dancing’s” New Star, Pam’s New Gig, And Rosie’s New Apology

In a previous blog I mentioned that producers of ABC’s mega-hit, “Dancing with the Stars” were racing to find a replacement for contestant Vincent Pastore, who dropped out of the competition earlier this week. With less than three weeks until season four’s premiere, Pastore announced the show’s physical demands were too rigorous for him and he “felt it appropriate to step aside and give someone else the opportunity.”

Enter former “Cheers” star John Ratzenberger. Show executives told hosts of “Good Morning America” that the actor, who played Cliff Clavin on the popular barroom sitcom for 11 seasons, would take Pastore’s place.

Who said that actress Pamela Anderson’s is doomed to be typecasted? Oh, yeah, I did. Can you blame me? Did you catch her last foray into primetime? (Her last show, “Stacked,” about a hot looking blond babe working in a bookstore was yanked after just one season.) However, the failure hasn’t stopped Anderson from pursuing other acting gigs. In fact, according to tabloid reports, the buxom blond is teaming up with her former “Baywatch” producers to create another series – a “fantasy-based drama” that takes place at a Malibu beach club. Typecasting… Anderson… Come on!

Finally, Rosie O’Donnell has once again lodged her foot in a familiar place—her mouth.

On Wednesday O’Donnell and fellow “View” co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck got into a heated discussion regarding the government’s access to citizens’ phone conversations. Shortly after Hasselbeck said she supported the move liberal O’Donnell responded, “Elisabeth, you are very young and you are very wrong.” A New York newspaper later reported that Hasselbeck accused Rosie of ageism and broke into tears off-camera. Then, in what some critics are calling a “forced apology,” yesterday afternoon, Rosie issued this statement on her personal blog: “i said some of elisabeth’s comments were ignorant which was ignorant itself.”

What’s more, a show insider reportedly told the newspaper that O’Donnell’s latest insult was “the last straw” for Hasselbeck and that the 29-year-old is looking to leave the popular ABC chatfest. The insider revealed that Hasselbeck was shopping for a permanent spot at E! Interesting… wonder what show creator Barbara Walter’s has to say about this one? My guess, not much, since Walters herself has made Hasselbeck cry on air (then later issued an on-air apology for doing so).

So, is Hasselbeck simply a crybaby or has O’Donnell added yet another name to her growing list of enemies?

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