A Challenge for Your Kids This Summer

I was channel surfing this morning, when I came across the Montel Williams Show, and he was talking to child inventors. One 17-year-old girl had a line of greeting cards, and accessories in hundreds of stores in 13 states. Another kid had created a popcorn butter blaster that he was marketing to movie theatres that would spread the butter all the way through the popcorn instead off just getting a soggy top. There was a 12-year-old artist whose designs are now on retail carpets. In addition, a young girl created a better bike locking system for the library.

For years, my kids and I have talked about being young entrepreneurs. They have great ideas, but the ideas never seem to get past the “talking” stage. My kids have been too distracted by life and the fact that they are kids to take themselves seriously. What they do not realize is that I take them very seriously. When I look at them, I see a bright future. I want them to see the same. I have decided to challenge my kids this summer to take one of their ideas and develop it thoroughly.

A website introduced on the Montel Show this morning called By Kids for Kids helps children take their ideas through the patenting and marketing stages, free. I have my kids reading about different success stories right now, so that they can see that children like them have taken their ideas and run with it. By challenging them to do the same, I am hoping for my kids to start thinking bigger, and letting their dreams become realities.

What are your kids doing this summer? Are the $200.00 a week summer camps too costly. Are you taking a break from homeschooling? Are your kids complaining that they are bored? Well send them to this website right now, and challenge them to do something meaningful with their summer.

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