Changes in My Future

I do not often share my personal teaching experiences with you. I usually prefer to stick with educational thoughts and ideas. However, I will likely be experiencing some major educational changes in the future and I would like for you to join me through the journey.

Some summers show little change in the education system while others seem to be more significant. I would dare to say that my county’s school system has never seen a summer such as the one we have had this year. There have been many changes and transfers in positions. We have a new director of schools. He is from out of county and proposes some new ideas. Due to more state funding, we have had more job openings this year than ever before. Teachers are being allowed to transfer to schools of their choice and more new teachers are receiving a job. It is my hope that more teachers will lead to lower student teacher ratios.

I am not exempt from the change. When school begins, I will be at a different school than my previous two years. However, I will still be teaching kindergarten. Making the change was an intensive thought process for me. I will be at a school closer to my house. It is the school that I attended and the school that I call my home. I feel that the change will be a good move for my career, my family, and myself.

I have a great chore ahead of me to move from one school to another. Over the past seven years, I have collected many personal school items. I have spent the past couple of days preparing for the move by separating items and collecting boxes.

I am very excited about my new position. However, with change always comes adjustment. I hope that my new experience will lead to even more knowledge and educational ideas to share with you. As usual, the beginning of kindergarten consistently allows for growth, excitement, and learning.

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