Changing An Album Kit (1)

What is an album kit? An album kit is a kit that you purchase that come with everything you need to complete one entire album. It contains the album, papers, embellishments and usually contains an idea sheet. The only things you need to supply are your photographs and an adhesive. You might also need a cutter or straight edge scissors to crop your photographs.

However, working with an album kit can be a challenge when you first look at it. Often the embellishments and the idea sheets are designed for a certain number of photographs per page, and perhaps you only want to use less or a couple more than what they suggest.

Changing an album kit is easier than you might think. You can toss the idea sheet aside if it seems to limited and just work on your own. But I used the idea sheet to my advantage.

The first thing I did was assemble the pages without the photographs and mats. I took each piece of paper and added the embellishments that they showed on the sheet. In other words, I decorated my pages.

Next, I wrote out a plan on how I wanted to assemble the entire album. Because this was a gift and the gift was to show off the children, I designed my plan around that.

I began with a group shot of everyone which I blew up to 5×7 for the first page. Normally I would type up my journaling, but I decided that handwritten would be easier and faster.

This is the first page (or the title page):

The next two pages was where I wanted to highlight their school photographs. We get all these photographs every year that are wallet sized and we don’t even use half of them. This was the perfect location. Our school does Fall and Spring photos of the children, but I chose to only include our middle school kids’ Fall and Spring photographs. I also included the vital information for each child’s photograph – their name, grade and age.

This is the second and third page of the album:

More on this album posting throughout this week.

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