Changing An Album Kit (2)

Changing an album kit is easier than you might think. I have already given you a quick look at how easy it can be, but now I would like to show you what I did to make it work for us. Sometimes seeing it can spark the creativity for your own changed album.

You don’t have to follow the idea sheets that come with the albums, many people don’t actually realize that. You can design your own look and feel for the album in any way you want, it’s your album. Don’t forget, you can use your own embellishments if you want too. Plus, what if you have a vertical photograph and you want to place it where the idea sheet shows a horizontal photograph, well – do it!

In the previous article I showed you the title or first page of my album, as well as the second and third pages. Here is a glimpse of a few more.

The next section of the album was where I wanted to highlight each child. I wanted them each to have their own pages, where we put our favorite photographs of them. I titled the page with their first and middle name, using alphabet stickers.

In the journaling block I agonized over what to write, until I placed their birthday for a quick reference for the recipient, and each child’s very favorite things.

I only chose two photographs for each layout to make it more unified and keep the look consistent.

I finished off that entire section of the album with a big collage of all the photographs that wouldn’t fit anywhere else. I know it is cluttered, but I knew the recipient would be grateful to have all the photographs we were including. We had chosen them just for her.

Here is page four and five:

Here is page six and seven:

Here is page eight and nine (the cluttered page):

Tomorrow I will show off more of the album. And remember to get your whole family involved in the creative process. It makes the album personal and fun.

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