Changing An Album Kit (3)

Album kits are easy to change and that has been my focus the past few days. This article will wrap up the rest of the album and hopefully encourage you to get started on your own.

Since I had planned out the album, all sixteen pages, before I got to work on it, the album was easy and fast to complete. Planning is key. It also allows you to figure out what you might need in advance and not order too many photographs.

The next section of the album began a closer look at mom and dad with the kids. I decided to make a two page spread of the kids with mom, and a two page spread of the kids with dad. We found some of our favorite photographs of us with the kids and then included a single photograph of each of us.

Here is page ten and eleven (Mom with kids):

Here is page twelve and thirteen (Dad with kids):

The next section was a lot of fun to complete but was a real challenge to select our favorite photographs for. We take a lot of group shots of the kids together and we wanted to include many of them. Unfortunately space was limited so we had to narrow it down a bit. But we absolutely love how it turned out. I completed a two page layout which included our favorites and no journaling. I included a quote instead.

Here is page fourteen and fifteen (the group shots):

And finally we come to the last page of the album. This was hard to decide what should go there. After much deliberating and suggestions from the entire family, we settled on a group shot of us at Christmas last year. We thought it would be cool to end each years album with a photograph from Christmas, and since Christmas hadn’t come yet, we chose last years. We also threw in one of Mom and Dad together since after-all, the album is for Dad’s Mom and she deserves to see him a bit more in the album.

Here is page sixteen (the last page):

And that completes our personal gift album for Grandma. It was really easy to use a scrapbook album kit to complete it and we were able to change it to suit our needs. So, if you have been putting off creating an album for someone you love, do it. It’s simple and they will appreciate the gesture.

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