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How many times have put the finishing touches on a layout, and then realized that you made a mistake?

I have experienced that sinking feeling far too many times to count. Part of me wants to scream while the other wants to sob. In some cases I have lucked out and figured out a way to salvage the page design, but on many occasions I’ve had to start all over again.

This is why I have spent a ton of time researching different adhesives. Avid scrapbookers know that some sticky substances are easier to get unstuck than others. For example, regular Scotch tape is much easier to remove from a layout than Tacky Tape.

Currently, my favorite scrapbook adhesive is Scotch brand’s refillable double-sided tape pen. The pen dispenses clear tape which you place on the back of photos, die cuts or other flat embellishments. Tape runners are a great substitute for the pen and are manufactured by reputable companies such as Creative Memories and Vario.

The adhesives that I have learned to stay away from when scrapbooking include glue sticks and glue dots. I have yet to figure out how to remove items that have been glued onto a scrapbook layout without destroying the entire page. I can’t describe the utter agony I have gone through trying to meticulously remove memorabilia I adhered into place with glue dots. It was at that point that I swore I would never again use glue on any of my layouts. Unfortunately, there are some embellishments that don’t stick well with tape, such as beads and gemstones.

If you plan to use glue on a scrapbook page, I would highly recommend having some un-du close by. The product is designed specifically to remove adhesives; including glue, stickers, and tape without harming the items they are attached to. What’s more, you don’t need much to accomplish your goal. You simply add a small amount to the item you want removed, and then use the product scraper to carefully lift it from the layout. You can’t beat its convenience. Moreover, un-du is photo safe, acid free, and it evaporates completely after you apply it so there’s no sticky or oily mess to contend with.

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