Chase Away The Chill and Plan A Family Reunion – Part 1

If the cold, gray days of February have you wishing for warmer weather but a trip to a sunny locale is not possible right now, planning a family reunion for this summer may be a fun way to get your mind off of winter. Summer is a popular time for family gatherings both large and small. Whether you want to invite just a few people from one branch of your family tree or a large group of family who have not seen each other for a long time is up to you.

Since it takes a few months to plan a family reunion, now is a great time to get started so that you will not feel rushed and stressed as the event draws near. You may want to begin by deciding what family group the reunion is for. This can be tricky, but it is essential to know who the reunion is for so that a suitable location can be selected. Next, think about when you might like to have the reunion. Some families like to have them during holiday weekends while others prefer to choose non holiday weekend dates because of the availability of locations where they want to have the reunion or because people already have plans to do other things on those holidays.

Speaking of location, since many families have relatives that are located all over the nation and even all over the world, choosing a location that is central to everyone is not always possible. Not to worry, though, relatives that live very far away are usually delighted to receive an invitation even if traveling to the event is not going to be possible. Selecting a general geographic location is a good way to start, even before you choose a specific venue for the event.

Now that you have gotten through the basics of who, when, and where, come back tomorrow for the really fun stuff – the “what” of your family reunion.

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