Cheap Scrapbooking Supplies From The Bathroom 1

Who in the world ever thought you could find scrapbooking supplies in the bathroom? Most scrapbookers would think you were nuts to even suggest it, but its possible. My frugal nature causes me to look for fun and innovative supplies and embellishments in the strangest of places. The bathroom was never off limits. In fact, nothing is off limits for me.

What can you possibly find in the bathroom?

Cotton Balls and Swabs – These are the two most commonly found items in the bathroom that can be used either as applicators for inks, chalks, etc. Or you can be truly innovative and use them on your actual layout. Think bunny tail for cotton ball, or center of a flower. Think poles for cotton swabs. A cotton swab can also be altered and inked and changed to match your layout, hardly making it recognizable!

Broken Jewelry or Dollar Store Jewelry – You can grab great discounts on cute jewelry accents for your scrapbooking layouts. Or how about that earring that is missing its mate. Using a pair of pliers, remove the post and use it as an embellishment on your page. Broken necklaces, and bracelet chains can be used to add a little flair, costume jewelry can be added as an accent. So many possibilities.

Make Up Applicators – Of course these can be used to apply various mediums to your scrapbooking pages, but think beyond the box on this one. These would make really fun and creative embellishments. Roll patterned paper around it, dip the end in ink or paint and allow to dry. They can be used as arrow embellishments to accent a particular spot on a photograph, etc. So much fun!!

There’s a lot more to share!! Wait until you see some of these ideas.

Please check back later today for Cheap Scrapbooking Supplies from the Bathroom 2.

Cheap Scrapbooking Supplies From the Bathroom 1

Cheap Scrapbooking Supplies From the Bathroom 2

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