Cheap Scrapbooking Supplies From The Bathroom 2

Nobody could possibly believe that it is possible to find scrapbooking supplies in the bathroom? This is the second part of a two article series on discovering frugal supplies and embellishments in the bathroom of your own house. You more than likely already have these items, and it will be fun to discover how you can use them on your scrapbook layouts.

Barrettes and Bobby Pins – These are fantastic accessories to use as embellishments on your scrapbooking layouts. They can be altered, inked, embossed, painted or otherwise to make them coordinate with your layouts. They act the same way as a clip, pin or paper clip would work. In addition, you can now find fun and festive, decorative barrettes that you might not even have to alter.

Hair Accessories – While I am sure this could have gone above, let me explain. At Christmas time, I was browsing for small stocking stuffers at the dollar store. I came across some really adorable hair accessories with ribbons, netting, bows, beads and more. I bought up a ton and have been using them on a variety of different layouts. Sometimes I might cut them apart, and other times, I simply use them as is. These are so much fun to be creative with.

Hot Roller Clips – There are several different types, and all would be so much fun to alter and add to a layout. Older style clips (the gold “U” shaped clips) can have their rubber gripping painted or altered to match your layouts. You can use them as an accent or embellishment or simply use them for the letter ‘U’ on a layout.

Jewelry Cards – I found a fantastic way to use up all those jewelry cards you can when you purchase a new necklace, bracelet, etc. Alter the card, poke holes where the original ones were and then weave a ribbon, piece of fiber or something else through it. You could even string on a tag or charms or anything else. It looks so cute and they are so cheap, they come in a variety of sizes and shapes and they are pretty easy to come by!

I hope you discovered some new things you hadn’t thought of before. I will continue my frugal quest to find new and innovative everyday objects to use on our pages and share them with you!

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Cheap Scrapbooking Supplies From the Bathroom 1

Cheap Scrapbooking Supplies From the Bathroom 2

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