Cheap Scrapbooking Supplies from the Kitchen 1

Awhile back I wrote a two part article on finding cheap scrapbooking supplies in the bathroom. I got a lot of mail from that article from scrapbookers who thought it was cool to find things like that in the bathroom. I promise to add to my findings, as they came along so here is a new location in your home to find cheap scrapbooking supplies – the kitchen.

Bread Tab Ties – These little tabs are awesome for embellishing your pages. You can paint them, ink them, distress them, emboss them, stamp on them, alter them with patterned paper and turn them into anything you want – tags are awesome. These are a great way to use what you already have on your scrapbook pages.

Twist Ties – The twist ties that come off bread and many other items are also perfect. They are kind of like working with wire, which is what they are. You can either strip the paper off and work straight with the wire below, or you can leave in tact and use it as is.

Birthday Candles
– These make great embellishments on your birthday themed scrapbooking pages. Be sure to mount them on something first so the wax doesn’t get all over everything else.

Lids – They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors and can be turned into tags, “window boxes” or journaling spots. They give the layout a 3d effect and can be altered to suit your needs.

Tin Foil – Add a little shine and shimmer to your pages by using aluminum foil on your scrapbook layouts. Cut letters and use as titles, make embellishments, tags, mats and much more.

Cardboard Boxes
– While not necessarily useful on a scrapbooking layout, these can create some cool projects and they come in all shapes and sizes. Think cereal boxes , meal boxes, pasta and rice boxes, etc. They can be altered and turned into storage for paper, stickers, die cuts, pens, ink, stamps and whatever else you might need a storage piece for. In addition, they can be molded into sturdy envelopes, boxes, gift bags, templates and more.

Do you use anything unique from the kitchen as something for your scrapbooking supplies or layouts? Please be sure and watch for Cheap Scrapbooking Supplies from the Kitchen 2.