Cheap Scrapbooking Tips

My big hurdle to scrapbooking pictures is the cost. Scrapbooking supplies are expensive! Still, I have managed to find a few ways to scrapbook pages for pennies. If the expense of scrapbooking has kept you from doing as much as you’d like to, or if you’d just like a few ways to get some inexpensive supplies, read on….

1. Make your own stickers. Use clipart found on your computer or online to print out your favorite pictures as accents to your page. Instead of printing on special sticker paper, use regular or glossy cardstock, or just regular paper to print pictures. Then simply glue the pictures onto your paper.

2. Shop for supplies in untraditional places. Try searching at thrift shops for small items that could be cute accents on a scrapbook page. Be creative and you might end up with some fun and original ideas. You can buy bags of assorted buttons, ribbons, or other trinkets for dirt-cheap. Other places you might want to look for scrapbook supplies: fabric remnant shops, close-out stores, or yard sales. There is a fabric remnant store in my neighborhood that sells all kinds of little buttons, appliques, and gemstones for really inexpensive prices.

3. Have a good look at some of your trash. Think about some of the things you use around your house as possible scrapbook supplies. Some of the things you can reuse are: old calendars, labels from boxes or cans, fabric scraps, and pictures cut from anything (junk mail, greeting cards, etc).

4. Use cheap paper for your background. Save money on paper by using the expensive, patterned paper just for accents on the page. Save even more by buying a package of solid paper to use for backgrounds throughout your entire scrapbook.

5. Save small mementos to use for your scrapbook. To remember a special event, don’t just take pictures, save some small things that will help you remember where you were. Some of these things could be brochures, maps, tickets, receipts, or business cards.

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