Cheap Ways to Liven Up a Locker


School lockers can be downright dreadful. Not only are they typically painted in a revolting shade of puke green, institutional gray or dingy yellow, but you also have to deal with exterior and interior cracks, dents and marks.

To help cure the ugly locker blues while operating on a tight student budget, consider crafting the following affordable items:

Decorative Magnets: Nothing helps liven up the interior of a locker easier and faster than a bunch of bedazzled magnets. The simple embellishments can help keep things in place, such as notes, photos, and homework assignments. What’s more, you can make almost anything into a magnet by purchasing inexpensive magnetic strips and sticking them on various decorative items, such as silk flowers, shells, gems, buttons or small toys. Another option is to buy small circular magnets and use a hot glue gun to adhere colorful items to them to create a themed look.

Locker Caddy: Spare your back-to-school budget by making your own locker caddy rather than buying an expensive metal or plastic one at the store. To make your own personalized caddy for less than a dollar gather the following items: Small cardboard box (like a Pop-Tart box), clear contact paper, magazines, glue, scissors and magnetic strips. To make the caddy, cut off the top portion of the box so that there is enough room to slide in a few essential items, such as pens, pencils and small notepads. Then, flip though some magazines and select photos that interest you. For example, if you are a dog lover, cut-out multiple images of puppies and grown pooches. Next, glue the pictures to your cardboard box, and cover the entire thing with clear contact paper. Finally, peel off the backs of two, long magnetic strips and adhere them to the back of the caddy. You could also use photos of your BFFs instead of magazine pictures if you desire, or simply cover the box with white craft paper and draw a customized design on it before covering it with contact paper and hanging it on the inside or outside of your locker.

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