Check Christmas Decorations before packing away

If you haven’t yet taken down and packed away all your Christmas decorations for another year, now is a good time to check them all out. First, carefully examine glass or ceramic items for cracks or chips. Make repairs if possible or dispose of the potentially dangerous item. Also, check out lighted elements and strings of lights. If there are any exposed wires, if you had any trouble with the lights during the holidays, if any cords or plugs are damaged, it’s wise to replace them. They don’t cost that much, and the few dollars to replace them is well worth avoiding shock or fire hazards.

Also, don’t forget to check for recalls. Around Halloween, it was found that holiday products were not always recalled quickly enough. Some toys made it into the hands of children before they could be recalled.

There may be Christmas lights, ornaments, or other decorations that made it onto recall lists near or soon after the holiday. It makes perfect sense that a number of these items are constructed in much the same way that some toys are and could potentially be decorated with high lead paint.

Even if you have already taken everything down and put it away, it would be a good idea to drag it back out and learn what to do about faulty items. The manufacturer may be offering a fix, a replacement, or a refund. Even if they won’t be replaced it’s better to be rid of them.

If you decide to get rid of a string of lights, take them outside and cut them up over the trash can. If you leave them intact, someone may find them and use them not realizing they are dangerous. You might be surprised to find out how many people scavenge trashcans and landfills for items to use or sell.

Time to Take Down Christmas Decorations