Check Out the Krafter’s Komfycush by Stone Creek Creations

Stone Creek Creations has a beautiful line of products that are perfect for the scrapbooker or any other type of crafter. I have always loved their products, from the roomiest totes and now the new Krafter’s Komfycush.

This has got to be the greatest invention for any crafter to take with you to a crop or other type workshop. It is Stone Creek Creations newest product and coordinates perfectly with the whole line so you can have everything match.

So, what exactly is this cool new product that scrapbookers just should not live without? Well, it is a portable, convenient cushion that fits itself right over your chair while you are scrapbooking or completing any task actually. It is designed to keep supplies close at hand while keeping comfort a top priority. Perfect for those long crops or workshops since most scrapbook stores offer those uncomfortable, folding metal chairs. This is your key to a comfy crop.

The extra thick padded seat of the Krafter’s Komfycush can be used alone or with the adjustable side panels. The side panels are awesome and have pockets to keep tools and supplies along with any other items you might need while scrapbooking or doing another craft, close at hand. Really any craft is compatible with this awesome new product, as it is designed for functionality as well.

The Krafter’s Komfycush works with any chair style, type or height and is completely adjustable. It is also folds up with an adjustable shoulder strap to make it extremely portable. The cushion itself is very durable and strong and is really comfortable.

The cool part is that it is available in a wide variety of colors: passion pink, black, bright blue, purple and new lime green. You can find a color to suit your style and coordinate with your other totes and scrapbooking items.

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