Check Out Your Local Library

Certainly there are books at the library, everyone knows that. But have you really taken advantage of all that your local library has to offer? Most public libraries offer a lot more than merely books. Take a trip to the library and this time, check out these sections:


The library offers a variety of videos, and of course they are free. This is a nice alternative to the movie store. The disadvantage to the library of course is that there are very limited quantities of videos, and new videos are nearly impossible to check out without a reservation. Still, if you’re not too picky, or you don’t mind waiting a week or two for the movie you want you can watch a video for no cost.

Books on Tape

Books on tape might be an appealing idea if you have a long commute to work. Pop in the cassette or CD and you can be entertained or educated as you drive. Busy housewives too might enjoy hearing a good story while they clean up around the house.

Music CDs

Try some new music by checking a CD out at the library. I have found the library to be a great place especially to find classical or cultural music. Once I served my husband a romantic Italian dinner complete with Italian opera arias I found on CD at the library. On another occasion, I threw a Mexican fiesta and found Mexican music at the library to play in the background.

For the Kids

The children’s section in my local library has so many fun things to check out other than books. There are movies (in Spanish and in English), kids’ CDs, and even read-along tapes and books. You may remember the read-alongs from when you were young. The package includes a book and the audio on cassette to go along with it. These can be a great tool for improving children’s reading skills.


A lot of libraries host free events to the public. Check out your library’s calendar for an update on what’s going on.