Checking Out Picaboo

Picaboo is a scrapbooker’s new friend. Or I guess that depends on how much time you enjoy spending on each layout. Picaboo offers solutions to those that don’t have all that time. The concept is cool and the outcome is even better.

Picaboo is an online service where you upload your favorite digital photos. You can upload them by theme, or you can upload just random favorite shots. After you have uploaded and selected all of the photos you care to use for your project, it’s now time to drag and drop them easily into the template of your choice. You can use templates they offer, and there are some great ones. Or you can choose to create your own template/style.

The program allows you to input your own text and turn the book into a masterpiece, that is originally and creatively your own. After you have finished dragging and dropping your photos and entering all the text, it’s time to purchase your book. Books are professionally printed and bound.

Picaboo starts their books at $9.99 and they go up from there depending on the amount of pages and other features. Ordering is super simple and very fast and I think in less than about 10 minutes I had created my book and checked out completely.

I ordered a book, and mine isn’t here yet, though I just did it a couple of days ago. It will be here soon according to the site. I am eager to get the book and share it with my family and friends. It’s like digital scrapbooking sort of. I didn’t design the pages, but I did design how the photos fit into the album and what I wanted to say.

Ideas for books you can create are Baby Albums, Brag Books, Vacation Albums, Wedding, Birthday and I came up with a new one. I scanned some of my very favorite scrapbooking layouts. I turned them into a book! I made it a sort of YEAR IN REVIEW album. I cannot wait to see it.

Overall I feel Picaboo is a wonderful, practical solution for anyone who uses digital photos. No matter what your level of scrapbooking (even a non-scrapbooker) is going to find this service unique and helpful.

Check out Picaboo today!