Chicken Pox: Stop That Itch!

The rash that accompanies a case of chicken pox is incredibly itchy! These red bumps or blisters can leave scars if they are scratched too much. So if your kids (or you) are fighting chicken pox, here are some tips to help you fight the itchies.

  1. Keep your fingernails short. That way, if you DO scratch, you won’t do as much damage.
  2. Keep your hands covered. A pair of mittens or even a pair of socks can keep you from scratching while you’re asleep.
  3. Wash your hands often. If you do scratch with dirty hands, you can spread germs into the skin.
  4. Stay cool. Getting all hot and sweaty will only make the itching worse. Keep the air conditioning on if it’s warm outside, or keep a fan in your room.
  5. Use a washcloth soaked in cool water to soothe itchy areas.
  6. Take a lukewarm bath to soothe an all-over itch. Add oatmeal to your bath water for extra soothing.
  7. Try dabbing calamine lotion on the itchy rash.
  8. Try aloe vera gel on the rash. Keep the bottle of gel in your fridge for an extra-cool treat.
  9. Pick clothes that are loose. Look for cotton, rather than synthetic fibers.
  10. Make sure you drink enough water! Keep your skin hydrated, because your skin can get dry and itchy without enough moisture.
  11. Distract yourself. Watch TV, play a game, read a book. Don’t just sit and think about how itchy you are.
  12. If your doctor gives you the okay, try an antihistamine to ease the itch.

Your skin is supposed to be itchy when you have chicken pox. The fluid inside the red spots releases a chemical into your skin that causes the itch. So if you are all itchy, take comfort in the fact that this is your body’s way of putting up a fight.