Childless Couples

For many married couples, having children is something that they believe in and something they’ve always wanted, but for others, it’s neither an option nor even a desire.

Some couples go into a marriage knowing one or both persons are unable to conceive. For others, the choice is not to have children. Is such a choice a bad thing?

There are many reasons not to have children, but even in today’s society, it’s not a popular choice. People who choose not to conceive or adopt may be viewed as selfish, yet one can build a case of selfishness against couples who have lots of children, yet can’t even take care of them. Ultimately, no one has a right to judge a couple who decides not to bear children or adopt. Their reasons are personal and their own. Yet many struggle because it isn’t the “norm.”

Childless couples have many advantages concerning their time. Many live very busy lives doing for others or running their own businesses and companies. Making a choice to not have children is often the best thing for them.

Sometimes you have women who feel they are not the nurturing type and husbands who feel they’re not “dad material.” Such couples usually know from an early age that their vocation in life is not to have children.

If you’re a couple who has chosen not to have children, it’s time you’re acknowledged for it with firm congratulations to you. You’ve made the right choice for you. You have no one to answer to but each other, yet as you’re probably aware, someone is bound to ask why. Because it’s nobody’s business, all you need to say is, “Because my spouse and I felt it was the best choice for us.” If someone persists or tries to make you feel guilty, excuse yourself from the conversation. There’s always one or two in the crowd who are too ignorant to understand, but remind yourself that your happiness is not in their hands, it’s in your own.