Choices for Higher Education

We now live in an “I want it now!” society. We can no longer wait on meals from scratch. McDonald’s is timing its service and Domino’s promises pizza in less than 30 minutes. Pregnancy tests compete for who can deliver the earliest response. Children cannot appreciate the value of a savings bond because of its delay in pay-off. The same is true with our education. Two-year colleges and vocational schools are becoming society’s most popular forms of higher education.

More students are choosing two-year or vocational colleges over four-year universities. The schooling is shorter and the moneymaking is quicker. Some parents still believe that their children must attend major universities or four-year colleges to be successful. While these are still great options and are required by many majors, they are not always essential to be successful in today’s job market. Two-year colleges are turning out well-qualified experts in particular areas. The programs are completed quicker and cost less money. Many two-year and vocational graduates are earning a beginning salary more than mine. I graduated from a four-year university and have earned a master’s degree. However, there are mechanics and LPN nurses making a higher salary.

Some professions do take more time and more education. However, I place confidence in persons, that did not graduate from a university, to work on my computer or car. Likewise, I trust my hair to a beautician that has only had a little over a year of education in her field. She too is making more wages per hour than I make.

While a four-year university and a higher education is the route that I chose, it may not be suitable for everyone. If a university were the only option after high school, many people would never further their education. I am glad that we now have many more options to continue our education after high school. Although a Master’s degree and a PhD are wonderful and much needed for some of our professionals, some less educated fields are equally as important. It takes a variety of people to make our world a success! So before we let high school seniors turn away the thought of gaining more education for themselves, let us make sure that they have considered all of the options and possibilities.

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