Choosing Materials

There are so many options available for use in scrapbooking projects. Depending on the size and type of scrapbook you are using, you must choose appropriate materials.

Let’s take a look at the options that are most commonly used in scrapbooking:


While traditional scissors come in very handy for scrapbooking, paper edging scissors can be useful and offer several different options as well. They have scalloped edges, ribbon edges and several other blades for cutting paper to make decorative edges.


Whether you choose wood rubber stamps or clear stamps, using stamps to add designs to your pages is a great idea. I have several alphabet stamp sets as well as themed stamps including animals, birthdays and holidays. Using different inks and stamps, can really add to your scrapbook.


Calligraphy pens have become popular in scrapbooking for good reason. If you want to add sentiments to your pages or if you just want to add names or phrases, you can do so with calligraphy pens. Another great option is “archival quality” pens which can even be used on photos.


While markers are an option, I recommend using “acid-free” or “archival quality” markers to add text to album pages. Some markers will bleed through and make a mess of your page if you aren’t using markers designed specifically for scrapbooking.


My favorite materials are stickers. I love stickers and keep several on hand at all times. I purchase the themed packs of stickers and use them in most of my layouts. Several options are available from most craft stores. These include sentiments, characters, alphabets, activities, occupations and holiday sets.


Brads, eyelets, rhinestones and other embellishments can be used to add depth and personality to your layout. I’ve used braids to attach photos and cards to my scrapbook page. I’ve also used them alone to add depth and design to my layout.

Paper Punches

Border punches are available to make a decorative border for your scrapbook pages. Additionally, there are numerous styles and types of craft punches available for adding style to your page. These can be used to create corners, designs and to fill in empty space in your layout.


“Martha Stewart Crafts” offer several types of ribbons that can be used for making frames, borders, bows and accents for your layout.


There are many types of adhesives available. Just remember to use “acid-free” and “photo safe” adhesives and glues.

Photo corners will allow you to add photos to your layout without any adhesive touching the photo. The adhesive is located on the back of each corner that you adhere to the scrapbook page.

Another convenient adhesive option is glue dots and glue runners that are ready to use and are handy because you don’t have to open and close them during use.


While I personally do not like using stencils and templates, they are available and do offer several designs to make your layout. I prefer to make my own layouts that are unique and personal. The up side of using stencils and templates is that they look very professional and clean.

By using these materials, your imagination and your photos, you can create great layouts for your scrapbook. Consider using archival quality materials, so the scrapbook you make will last for years to come and will be enjoyed by your children and grandchildren.

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