Choosing The Right Paper Trimmer

One of the most important and basic tools needed for scrapbooking, besides your photos, is a paper trimmer. It is used nearly every time you sit down to create a layout, for precision cutting, cropping and achieving perfectly straight lines or particular shapes, as well as coming in handy for other various projects. However, choosing the right paper trimmer, can be quite difficult when faced with all of the different shapes, styles and brands out there.

Circle and Oval Cutters

For many scrapbookers, a circle or oval cutter is or was their first trimming tool. A circle or oval cutter is used to make various sized circles and/or ovals that typically range from 1” to up to 8” inches diameter, depending on the model. These are helpful tools for creating visual effects on your layouts, using them for embellishments, and some scrapbookers still enjoy cropping their photos into circles and ovals.

Personal Trimmer

A personal trimmer is typically a rather small straight edge trimmer, best used to trim photographs. It can cut smaller sized papers and card stock as well, but is not useful for papers larger than about 7”.

Standard Trimmer

A standard trimmer is usually lever activated and can cut papers up to 15”, though most cut up to 12”. They are used for straight cuts and usually scrapbookers use them to cut their larger pieces of card stock down to a more manageable size.

Rotary Trimmer

Typically a Rotary Trimmer uses a circular blade to cut through paper and photographs. It comes with interchangeable blades so you can get different types of cuts with each one.

Sliding Blade Trimmer

This is what I use, and they come in various sizes and styles. The most common make 8” to 12” cuts. My favorite part of my sliding blade trimmer is that because of the ability to lift the blade at any time during cutting, I can create photo mats and do other detailed trimming.

As you can see, there are a variety of choices available in paper trimmers. There is a trimmer to fit every need, scrapbooking style and budget.

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