Christian Liberty Press: Preschool Curriculum

At a Glance:

Product: Christian Liberty Press Preschool Program

Age Level: 3-5

Use as: stand alone curriculum

Prep Time: Minimal to moderate prep time before preschool class time.

Homeschool Method: Traditional, Christian, Eclectic

Price: $87.00

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Rating: 5 out of 5 gold pencils

I have used Christian Liberty Press in the past and loved it so I was excited to review the preschool curriculum. Yes, indulge me as I brag about this company once again. I love the quality and that it is uncompromisingly Christian. I am an eclectic homeschooler so you will find me one day with workbooks, textbooks, living books, historical fiction, hands on materials, doing copywork, doing narration, and splattering paint. I do it all and find the best in each method to use with my kids. I am quite familiar with preschool curriculum as I am going on my fourth student. It is also one of my favorite areas to teach. I never rely on workbooks for any grade but I enjoy having some on hand for quiet activities, a guide, and extra practice.

First let me tell you what is in the curriculum kit and then I will talk about the products individually.

Preschool Curriculum Kit

My ABC Bible Verses

Christian Liberty Preschool Activity Book with Teacher’s Guide

Christian Liberty Preschool Drill Book

Trottino’s Tale

Preschool Readers (set of five readers)

Class Lesson Planner

My ABC Bible Verses: I did not receive this book so I am sorry to say that I cannot share my impressions. I have every confidence that this book retains the high quality demanded my Christian Liberty Press.

Christian Liberty Preschool Activity Book with Teacher’s Guide: If you are teaching preschool for the first time the Teacher’s Guide will be your faithful leader. The guide gives you step by step instructions for what to teach daily and how to integrate the all the elements of the curriculum kit.

The activity book is wonderful! What makes this book something to brag about? The book is simple in design and easy on the eyes. It does not rely on graphics and overstimulation to grab the child’s attention. Do not misunderstand and think the book is in black and white or uninteresting to view. The book balances the right about of visual interest and attention to the topic at hand. It is logically laid out teaching letters, patterns, shapes, counting and more. The book is a fantastic foundation to build a student more than ready for Kindergarten.

Christian Liberty Preschool Drill Book: This is a supplement to assist the child in basic handwriting from drawing simple lines to letters to numbers to shapes. Do not pass this book up because it is a supplement. Rare is the child who writes beautifully at ages 3-5. The book is also quite fun.

Trottino’s Tale: This book can be used from preschool through early elementary school. If you purchase this for your preschooler then hang onto it and refer back to it as time goes on. I love this book. Trottino is a disobedient little bunny who gets himself in quite a bit of trouble. He finds his way and learns his lesson. The book teaches basic morals and encourages proper character. The best feature of the book is the teaching suggestions in the back of the book. The teaching suggestions will give you related verses and instructions on how to minister to your little bunnies. Did I mention that I loved this book?

Preschool Readers: Five books in a series each one focuses on one vowel at a time. The books will teach your child how to read one or two words on each page. I enjoy the illustrations as they are not silly pictures but more realistic. Again, it adds to the feel of Christian Liberty Press as quality, old style but tried and true measures of teaching. The books are engaging and logically written to encourage reading.

Class Lesson Planner: Designed especially for homeschoolers this lesson planner has everything from tips on organizing lesson plans to time management. A wonderful planner that will keep you on track. The best part is that they include one in every curriculum kit.