Christian Rock Music

There are those out there who believe Christian Rock music is too worldly and some that even believe that the beat is Satan driven. I’d like to share with you why I feel differently.

When I was younger, I was really into rageful and sometimes depressing rock music. There are 2 main things that drew me into it; the beat and the lyrics. I was drawn into the music because I could relate with many of the lyrics. The beat of the music brought out the emphasis and passion in how I felt. In hind sight, I can see it was a very negative influence on me. I could relate to the music so much, that’s where I turned when I wanted to escape from my reality. I was filling my head with emptiness.

I’m not suggesting that everyone who listens to secular rock music feels the way I did. Music is very influential on a lot of people. When in my early 20’s, I was working in a Christian school. I had listened to some of the music the youth had been enjoying. The music was really good. As I was really paying attention to what was being sung about, it grabbed hold of me. They were rockin’ out for Jesus! I started talking with one of the kids about some of the bands I liked and asked if he knew of some Christian bands with some of the same style. He named off a few for me and I later took my husband to check out some of the CDs at the store.

I used to think Christian rock music was a bit cheesy. A lot of the newer music is really awesome. My husband and I decided for 30 days to give up secular music and just listen to Christian music to see what happens. We both did. I didn’t go back afterward, and my husband still goes back and forth.

In the same way that I used to find a way identify with secular music, I have found a way to identify with Christian music. It was the beat that drew me in. With the same passion I used to rock out to secular groups, yes, I now rock out to Christian bands. I’m filling my head with lyrics that promote life and relationship with Christ rather than hate and betrayal. I notice too, many are drawn into our church for similar reasons. We have a really great band that glorifies God. It’s my belief that if the music beat is what’s drawing the people in our church to hear God’s word and turn their hearts to Him, then it can’t be all that bad.

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