Christianity Leaves No Room for Hate

God is love. He is not hate. So, it is amazing to me, how some individuals can justify their actions of hate in the name of Christianity. I recently read an article on that you can find here where an extremist, radical “church” (and I use those quotations on purpose) are going to protest the funeral of Elizabeth Edwards for “issues related to her personal life”. Whatever that means.

The article goes on to say how this church has protested at funerals before. They have protested at funerals of fallen soldiers claiming that these soldiers were punished by God. It is a ridiculous notion that God is full of hatred, and that he is out to punish these individuals who are fighting for our freedoms. And protesting at a funeral? What purpose could that possibly serve at this point?

When I think of my Heavenly Father, I do not think of someone who is full of hatred. I think of a loving person that loves all of his children, despite their wrong choices. He provided a Savior for us so that we can be freed from those wrong choices through repentance. So, how exactly is he full of hate?

I think it is ridiculous that people use their religious beliefs to justify hateful behavior. We are taught that we should love all mankind, and “…judge not lest ye be judged.” But, we see it in the world over and over. While this group is a radical, extremist example of people masking their own hatred and discrimination in the name of “Christianity”, there are still examples of this all around us. As true Christians, we should love all of those around us no matter what their choices. God is love. A pure and unwavering love that we should all be trying to attain in this life.

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