Christmas Clearance Candy

chocolate Have a family sweet tooth? Stock up on after Christmas clearance candy and save big throughout the year.

One of my favorite after Christmas hunts is for all of that yummy clearance candy. I have gotten some great deals. Right after the holidays, I head over to the grocery store. I stock up on our family favorites and use them in some unexpected ways.

You can check pharmacies and big name stores for clearance candy, but personally I found that the most clearance candy can be found at the supermarkets.

Most candy (especially those bite size candy bars) freeze well. The candy can be used year round for snacking, birthday parties and more. You can use candy in gift baskets, donate them to a shelter or nursing home, etc. There are many possibilities.

One of my favorite finds last year were 10-packs of extra large Snickers candy bars. The packages had a holiday theme and were marked down to $1. For for only 10 cents a candy bar, I had the perfect movie candy. One week later, I compared prices at the movie theater. For the same size bar I bought at 10 cents, I could have purchased one in the theater for $2.50! That is 25 times the cost!

Holiday M&Ms are another great find. The little red and green candies can be separated by color and used for other holidays: the red for Valentine’s Day and the green for St. Patrick’s Day. And if you would rather not consume all of that sugar, well there are other things you can do with them. M&Ms and other small candies can also be used in crafts. I’ll leave the great ideas to your imagination, but I have let the kids use M&Ms to decorate craft stick picture frames for gifts. The notes we included were “Grandma, You’re Sweet!” “Grandpa You’re Sweet!” etc.

Those extra large candy bars that only a starving choco-holic can finish are always marked down. Milk chocolate or dark chocolate, I break them up and use them for baking. The chocolate can be melted and used for muffins and cakes, for example, or chopped for chips in cookies. Try a dark chocolate dip for strawberries…yummy.

Do you have any creative ideas for Christmas clearance candy? I would love to hear them!

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