Christmas Eve Magical Photo Opportunities

Everyone knows that Santa comes on Christmas eve to bring all of the good little girls and boys, presents and toys to fill their stockings and to fill under the tree. It’s a busy night for many parents, as preparations come under full swing late into the evening hours as our children are nestled snuggly in bed.

Because of how crazy Christmas Eve can be, you might forget some of the great opportunities to take pictures. This is a special night, and children are usually radiant with excitement. Smiles so big they aren’t sure what to do with them. Energy flowing constantly. So how do you remember to take photographs of special things on this night? Follow these tips and you just might capture a photo that’s worth more than just a memory.

On Christmas Eve

These ideas are fun, and you can create pages or albums that showcase these yearly photographs together. You can see how much your children have grown, you can see how different each Christmas is, even when you think they all seem the same.

Grab your camera and capture:

  • Your children, or each individual child amongst all of the beautifully wrapped presents under the tree
  • Do you go Christmas caroling? Or do you watch others? Capture the Christmas caroling memories.
  • Many people go to church on Christmas eve. Grab a camera and try to capture the beauty of the night. I recommend waiting until after the service or get there very early to not distract any other church goers.
  • Do you celebrate with family and a nice Christmas Eve dinner? Grab your camera and take photos at the yearly event.
  • Leaving cookies and milk for Santa? Take a photo as the children leave it out.
  • And don’t forget a family portrait in front of the Christmas Tree!

After Santa has visited for the evening capture:

(Some of these photographs might not make it in the albums until your children are a bit older, that’s ok. Sometimes its nice to have some fun memories that only mom, dad and Santa Claus share!)

  • All of the filled stockings hanging by the fireplace
  • Mom and Dad assembling all those toys that need last minute assembling
  • Mom or Dad frantically wrapping those last few gifts that for some reason were left to the last minute.
  • Don’t forget “Santa” eating his cookies and milk, more than likely on a very full stomach

Know that capturing these memories will help preserve each Christmas not only in the minds of your children, but in your own heart and soul. You will cherish the new traditions, you will delight in the photos and they will evoke memories for a lifetime.

Can you think of any other Christmas Eve memories to capture?