Christmas Gifts to Help Your Family Stay in Touch

If you live far away from your relatives, Christmas is a time that can bring you closer together. As parents you may be looking for gifts that will help your children connect with their grandparents. Technology has opened many new doors to make this a much easier process. Here are five gifts that you can give to help your family stay more connected. In later blogs I will list specific suggestions on how to better utilize these gifts to stay in touch with each other.

1) If you do not already have a web cam this is a great gift to give to your parents and to yourself. This bumps your phone conversations up to a whole new level. You may have some silly children on your hand, but your parents will love seeing that. Additionally it allows them to see the day to day changes in growing with each other.

2) If you do not already have a blog set up you may consider beginning one for your family. If your family is spread all over the country, it would be nice to have a central one that your entire extended family can post on and read. This is a great gift, and it does not take too much effort to set up your distant family as administrators on the blog.

3) The digital picture frame is another fun gift. You can periodically update the pictures by mailing a new small USB card to your parents. If you purchase two, you can send one, and have your parents send back the old one. This allows them to keep the pictures up to date.

4) You can enroll your parents in your own book of the month club. You can go to Apple and purchase these great little photo books. The smallest hold up are the perfect size to put in a wallet or pocketbook. They come in packs of three for $11.00 plus shipping. In addition to sending the book each month you can include artwork and notes from your children.

5) You could also enroll your parents in your own video of the month club. These videos could include a slide show of pictures that you have taken that month, a short message from your children and then video of something you did as a family. This is a great way to document memories for your family as well.

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