Christmas Memories

A great family project or individual project is to collect Christmas memories for a scrapbook that is either ongoing or one to add to your collection. To keep memories close to your heart you will need photos and some other elements of Christmas for that year or years past. For instance gather up pieces of wrapping paper, gift tags, crafts made by the kids or even letters to Santa from the kids. These elements will make your scrapbook cozy and warm full of Christmas memories. Of course one of the most important elements is pictures. Take plenty of pictures or this Christmas and gather up pictures from the past. Here are some ideas to make your Christmas memories last forever in a scrapbook:

Christmas Past and Present: Create a scrapbook beginning with baby’s first Christmas to the present. You may want to chronicle the Christmas times you spent as a married couple, in your home, or of a loved one who has passed away.

Christmas Cookbook Scrapbook: Food is always a reminder of the times we spend together as a family. So much love and time goes into the preparation of the Christmas meal. One lovely way to remember the times spent around the table and to continue the tradition for years to come is with a Christmas Cookbook. Take plenty of pictures of all the food, cookies, desserts and candy. Ask the relatives or friends who provided the items for the recipe and a picture of them to put in the scrapbook. Now you will have lovely memories and recipes to pass down to generations.

Christmas Ornaments: Every year I purchase a new ornament for my kids. Sadly over the years some have broken. Each year I choose an ornament that suits their personality or something they loved that year so each is sentimental and special. For most decorating the tree is a family tradition. I know my family has a certain way we decorate and certain jobs for each person every year. This year take pictures of your family as they decorate the tree paying close attention to the ornament they are hanging. This way you can chronicle what made the ornament special.

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