Christmas Movies for Couples

As promised in my previous article, Christmas Eve Traditions for Couples, here are some Christmas movies that you might enjoy. Heather shared her favorites in Holiday Date Night – Celebrate with Christmas Movies.

Do You Like Chevy Chase?

“National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” isn’t exactly a romantic holiday movie, although there are some sweet parts. If you like crazy slapstick adventure combined with some tender moments, you may enjoy this movie. Chevy Chase is married to Beverly D’Angelo and the two are very cute together, even as all their plans for a perfect Christmas turn to chaos.

Is this a Couple’s Movie?

The Christmas Star” may not strike you as a couple’s movie at first glance. The plot revolves around an aging convict and some kids that live nearby. However, it’s the parents in the movie that show how a great marriage can provide loving influences, referring to each other as best friends.

This one is Touching

One Magic Christmas” may have been inspired by Scrooge to some degree. The rather cold wife in this movie encounters an angel at Christmas who shows her what life would be like without her kind husband, as she is made to believe that she’s lost him. She gets one more chance to be a loving wife. Don’t you love happy endings?

Christmas movies popcorn candy canesMade for TV Christmas Movies and other Favorites

Be sure to check your listings for made for TV movies, as there are usually plenty to choose from during the holidays. You can also find lots of them on DVD. Check for made for TV movies and other titles that interest you.

A Little Twist

Another twist on this idea is to make family movies each year during the holidays with your video camera. Set up the camera and have it filming while you and your beloved open gifts together or as the entire family celebrates. Watch some of these special movies each year on Christmas Eve for a sweet stroll down memory lane.

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