Christmas Poems for Scrapbook Layouts

Poetry is one of my favorite “embellishments” to include on my layouts. I try to find something that coordinates with the theme, or the feel of the pictures. At holiday time it’s no different. If it isn’t poems, it’s quotes. Because I enjoy doing this, I have amassed quite a collection of poems that would work on your Christmas layouts.

I thought I would share a few that you might be able to use on your scrapbook pages this holiday season. Even if you don’t have children to scrapbook about, these can be used in other ways.

Just print them out, mat them and stick them on your page the same way you would a journaling box. And don’t forget to journal. You could even journal about why you chose that poem! Have fun and be creative!

Color Me Cold!

Red cheeks,

White toes.

Blue fingers –

Red nose.

Gift Giving

It’s nice when gifts are given,

If something is for me.

But an even better gift,

Is the one for YOU from me.

I saved up lots of money,

I wrapped it by myself.

I hope that you will like it,

And place it on a shelf.

Its fun to have a secret.

A fancy wrapped surprise.

I know that you’re excited,

I see it in your eyes.

December Celebrations

by Helen Moore

Every year at just this time,

In cold and dark December,

families around the world

all gather to remember

With presents and with parties

with feasting and with fun

Cutsoms and traditions

for people old and young.

So eveyr year, around the world

In all lands and nations,

People of all ages love,

December celebrations!

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