Christmas Shopping at Five Below

If you happen to have a Five Below store in your area, I recommend visiting it now for some frugal Christmas shopping. It looks like they are just stocking the shelves, so if you want the best selection, don’t wait. Don’t have one of these stores where you live? Apply this info to any local discount store.

This past week, my husband and I found ourselves in Target looking for yet more Halloween candy. We decided to do two trunks for our church’s first trunk or treat event and didn’t want to come up short (to see how we did on that front, click here for my after Halloween home post).

Just the week before, we had picked up a couple of bags of the candy we wanted right at the front of the store, so I anticipated running in and out. Instead the Halloween candy was gone, replaced by Christmas candy. Did they know that it wasn’t yet Halloween? So, it was off to Five Below instead.

Needless to say that I didn’t do any better there, but I did spot all of their Christmas merchandise out as well. There were a ton of boxed games, craft and science kits and plenty of cool books. A number of new Game Boy Advanced games (they will work on the Nintendo DS) and computer software was also stocked on the shelves. These would all make great inexpensive Christmas gifts for the kids, toys for tots and Christmas families (charity). At $3 to $5 a piece, you can give a lot for a little.

At this rate, I may have Christmas tied up in a bow and spend less than we did last year. I suggest you visit your local discount store now, to see what they have in stock. Also be sure to check out clearance items for other gifts and stocking stuffers. Remember those silly rubber bracelets? They were marked way down. Happy shopping.

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