Christmas Shopping for the Other Woman in Your Child’s Life


What do you get for the person your child spends more waking time with on a daily basis than anyone else on the planet?

I’m not referring to your spouse, parent or iCarly. Rather, if your son or daughter is old enough to hit the books, then you are probably racking your brain right now to figure out what to get his teacher for Christmas.

I know because I’m struggling too.

Finding a material good that expresses your appreciation for the woman (or man), who spends upwards of eight hours a day with your kid, five days a week, can be challenging.

At my child’s school, teachers are required to fill out a gift wish list at the beginning of the academic year and submit it to the “Room Mom.” Then, whenever there is a special occasion, such as the teacher’s birthday, Christmas or Teacher Appreciation Week, parents can consult the list for gift ideas.

Unfortunately, not all schools mandate teachers compile a wish list. What’s more, if you worry that you and 20 other parents in the class will be purchasing the same item for the teacher, then you might consider coming up with your own gift ideas. Some popular options include:

Themed Gift Baskets: If you know your child’s teacher loves movies, fill a basket with unpopped popcorn, soft drinks or juice, snacks, and a few DVDs, a movie rental gift card or passes to the local cinema.

Spa Day: Certificates for spa treatments make great gifts. However, if you can’t afford to spring for an entire day at the spa, simply give the teacher a gift card for a pedicure or a manicure that can be redeemed at your local mall.

Personalized Gifts: Customized stationary or notepads are a practical gift that keeps on giving. Many companies allow you to choose the paper type, design, and ink color. Another option is to personalize a canvas tote. You can have a message, motto or photo of the entire class silkscreened on it, as well as the teacher’s name.

Finally, if money is tight and don’t have the cash to spend on your child’s teacher this holiday season, simply write a thank you note from the heart. Or, go a step further and pen a letter to the school principal explaining exactly why your child’s teacher is an exceptional educator. You could suggest that the letter be placed in the teacher’s file. Then, frame a copy and present it to the teacher along with some inexpensive flowers.

What are you getting your child’s teacher this Christmas?

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