Christmas Decor: Crafts for Kids

‘Tis the Season for decorating, and if you can keep the kids from getting bored during Christmas vacation at the same time, that’s definitely a bonus. The following craft ideas are fun for parent and child alike, and they will keep your kids busy decking the halls:

Break out the Silly String

Silly String as a Christmas decoration? You bet! It makes great garland for tiny trees, wreaths, and pine branches. You will want to lay down newspaper before starting this project, or perhaps go outside if the weather isn’t too forbidding. Give children a miniature Christmas tree, pine bough, or a wreath and let them spray to their heart’s content. Decorate with miniature Christmas ornaments, beads, small candy canes, bows, or mismatched pieces of costume jewelry.

Move on to Marshmallows

You can use large or mini marshmallows for this project, depending on what size you want the finished project to be. Choose white marshmallows rather than multicolored. Glue marshmallows together to form the shape of a candy cane. You will need to do a little bending and shaping once the glue is dry. Paint every other marshmallow red with craft paint. Lay the candy cane on paper, paint one side, let it dry, then flip it over and continue. Spray with clear spray paint or give it a coat of decoupage for protection. Tie a big red bow just under the “hook” of the cane. Hang large candy canes on any door in place of a wreath.

Original Ornaments

What could be more fun that making your own ornaments? Pick up different sizes of Styrofoam balls from your local craft store or super center. Let your child decoupage images from Christmas cards, Christmas themed napkins, coloring books, or magazines to each ball (you can make your own medium from two parts school glue and one part water). Next, hot glue a ribbon to the top for hanging, or make a small loop of ribbon and slip on a hook. This project makes a nice annual holiday tradition. Your children will enjoy showing off these ornaments and sharing them with their own children some day.

*Each of these projects is simple enough for even small children to make with a little adult help and supervision, and none of them cost a lot to make.

Have fun and have a Merry Christmas!